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From the Assistant Principal – International and Community Partnerships

30 May 2024

Celebrating 一本道无码 Carr Day!  

May is a significant month in the life of our College鈥檚 namesake, 一本道无码 Carr, it is for this reason that each year in May we celebrate 一本道无码 Carr Day. 

一本道无码 Carr was born on 10 May 1839 near Moylough in Ireland and ordained a priest on 22 May 1866. After becoming Bishop of Galway, he was appointed Archbishop of Melbourne and undertook the long journey from Ireland. He remained the Archbishop until his death on 6 May 1917. In those thirty years as Archbishop, our College namesake worked tirelessly so that all may shine. He worked with the Sisters of St Joseph and St Mary of the Cross MacKillop to bring education to many places in Victoria, to provide care, love and shelter to those experiencing homelessness and in need of a safe place for children without families to care for them. He worked hard to ensure a just and fair life for all people, being a beacon of light in the lives of many.  

It is for this reason that each year we celebrate the life, community work and dedication of 一本道无码 Carr as a Beacon of light for us all.聽聽

Our College Captain鈥檚 (Annika Silva and Rayan Latu) addressed the school on 一本道无码 Carr Day and following is an extract of their wonderful speech.

Today is a day to celebrate and pay tribute to our patron 一本道无码 Carr, the second archbishop of Melbourne and who our college is proudly named after.  

一本道无码 Carr Day is all about celebrating the College and community spirit;鈥… featuring festivities, delicious food, opportunities to display school pride, and the chance to enjoy time with friends while taking a break from academic pursuits.鈥 The highlight of 一本道无码 Carr Day is without doubt 一本道无码 Carr鈥檚 Got Talent, which gives an opportunity for our fellow peers to perform and showcase their talents on stage. An activity I know myself and many students and staff are looking forward to.鈥 

Beyond the festivities, 一本道无码 Carr Day serves as a reminder of the College鈥檚 accomplishments and fosters unity amongst staff and students in our faith and belonging as a college. A reminder that today is a day for us to gather in union as a community who strives to 鈥渟hine鈥.鈥  

鈥淭hrough Love, Serve One Another鈥, this year鈥檚 theme, is inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ, encouraging us all to act with kindness and selflessness. This theme has been a guiding principle throughout the year, which emphasises the importance of encouraging and uplifting each other. And this aligns perfectly with 一本道无码 Carr鈥檚 legacy of service and dedication to the community. 

Let us all continue to honor 一本道无码 Carr鈥檚 legacy by serving one another with love and making today a truly special occasion. 

Environmental Action Team Go Global with Recycling Initiative  

Students from our Environmental Action Team continue their wonderful efforts in the Global Ambassadors Program, collaborating with other schools on a bottle recycling initiative to be introduced at the College in 2024. Recently, our Ambassadors conducted a survey with staff and students about waste and litter at the College. Everyone was encouraged to write their ideas on a large cloth which will soon be displayed outside the College鈥檚 Faith and Mission Hub.  

We are proud of our Ambassador鈥檚 efforts to promote sustainability within our community and of the impact our students will have through this initiative! 

Tom Bridges
Assistant Principal 鈥 International and Community Partnerships