St Mary’s College for the Deaf

一本道无码 Carr College is proud to offer parallel educational services in partnership with St Mary鈥檚 College for the Deaf.

The partnership and collaboration provide St Mary鈥檚 College students the opportunity to learn alongside 一本道无码 Carr College students through a fully integrated experience whilst catering for the unique needs of hearing-impaired students. They participate in all areas of the curriculum and have access to extracurricular activities as well.

These students are welcomed and highly valued members of the 一本道无码 Carr College community. They are supported to develop rich connections and friendships.

Students have access to a range of services such as Teachers of the Deaf, Soundfield systems, Speech and language therapy and note taking. These adjustments are made in close partnership with students and their families and dependent on what each student needs to successfully complete their secondary education.

Senior pathways available include VCE, VET and VCAL.